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Apr 17, 2015
6:43 am
Apr 14, 2015
8:40 am
Apr 13, 2015
12:53 pm
Apr 11, 2015
2:47 pm
Apr 11, 2015
11:03 am
As of late, I've really been in the drawing spirit. Even more so that my first sketch book is almost completely full almost! But I decided I should start making some plans to try and push my art work further.

The first thing I decided I really want to see happen is I want my actual deviant art page to look less dull. I'm already in the sketch stage of designing an actual logo for my Asked to Draw series. But I want to completely customize my Journal entries as well as my front page as much as I can to make it look way more attractive then it does now.

Second, I want to continue pushing out Asked to Draw! I'm getting way better at being very expressive with my art and I want to keep going with this! But more so I want to push it even further. As you've seen in the last one as well as the Double the DJ's I want to push doing comics with peoples OC's as well as pairing them with official characters to make them feel like they belong even more so in the Equestria Universe! I mean, I know the official people can't really do that due to possible lawsuits and what not, but that just means it's up to the fans to make it happen!

Bring on the comic and comic covers! I really want to do more comics this year as well as cover art as well. I've had several idea's already for covers, some for quite a while. It's about time I get down to business and make these suckers happen! YEAH!

I hope to keep up this art, and hope that everything I can produce will bring smiles to everyone around me! I hoping for an incredible 2015! Not only for me, but for everyone! Let's get er' done, woo!

Asked to Draw

Those Waiting:
1. Blueberry Creme
2. This spot could be yours!

Interested in getting a character you've created drawn by me? Feel free to ask me via note or comments below. I'm interested in vectoring characters of all colors, shapes and sizes! Including non pony characters such as griffins, zebra's, changelings and so forth! Even Alicorn OCs!

All I need really is one or more references of your characters, make sure to include things like aura colors ( encase you want your character preforming magic ) and a reference of your cutie mark so I know what their special talent is!

I'm also interested in doing simple comics as well as pairing them with other characters if you'd like! Some examples linked below:
Double the DJs!
Comic: Can I have a Cookie?

So feel free to request who you want to pair with if interested, I take requests!

Also, feel free to view my Asked to Draw folder where I store peoples OC's that I've drawn if you want to see my style when it comes to drawing OC's HERE!

Please note though, I won't do anything adult level suggested content. Sorry, I'm just not into that sort of thing.

Feel free to note me or comment if you have any questions!

Also, final note:
I don't charge to draw characters, I do it mainly for experience and don't require money to draw your character! I also have down times that makes it take a while to get a persons character drawn, and I don't feel like I want someone to have to wait if they payed for said character to be drawn.


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