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Feb 4, 2016
7:09 pm
Jan 28, 2016
11:14 am
Jan 23, 2016
11:31 pm
Jan 11, 2016
2:18 am
Jan 6, 2016
3:27 pm
Woohoo! Man, totally netted in more then what I was expecting heh. Makes me even more excited I was able to bring them in the first place. But I will definitely say this, I'm going to be mailing those pieces either directly to my Hotel or the convention itself when I do it next time, and yes I do want to do another one of these. It was totally fun!

I was hoping to get footage of the auctions, but sadly my phone crapped out on 2 of them. I only was able to get the first round for the Bayonetta Luna Auction, which sadly had to be re auctioned later as the winning bidder had issues with his bank and he couldn't pay the $700 dollars. A Bummer, but even after it re auctioned it went for $500 dollars which is still excellent! I wish I could get in touch with the guy who bidded 700 dollars though, I had a smaller print I would have given him regardless to be honest.

As for the convention itself, it was a total blast. Got an opportunity to hang out with tons of great people, from fans of the show the artists in general. Also got to pick up some nice swag... For the first time ever I also did purchase a single plushie lol.

Replaced my two official Luna Dog tags ( both color and black and white ones ) with a Celestia and Luna Stirling Siver Dog tags for my Silver Chain from the very tallented :iconsilverslinger:
Got an autographed Derpy Bookmark made by :icondennybutt:, as well as some of her prints
Got an awesome print from :iconsecret-pony: of Chrysalis!
Asked and recieved a commission from Whitedove's daughter :icondordtchild: of my two summonable pets that I eventually want to put in with Stargazer.
Two awesome strained glass designed prints from the very tallented :iconhimawari-chan:
As well as incredible prints, as well as a Celestia/Luna Scarfs from :iconmatsuban:

Wish I could have picked up more, but I was kind of on a tight budget... Why I didn't shoot for any plushies as well. Other wise I would have grabbed :iconserenity-sama:'s last plush, which was Cadence before she disappeared in the convention with her Fiance lol.

Also got a few autographs and was able to gift Amy Rodgers as well. I wanted to in person congratulate her on her job at Disney, to tell her to tell whoever is in charge of the new Ducktales reboot to not mess up. But I also gave her a Soarin Plush I purchased last year from Serenity-Sama to make sure she knows we'll support her all the way even when she's not working on Ponies! Besides, she now has her #1 fan ( Her son, who also is named Soarin for those who don't know ) there to cheer her on as well!

I bugged Andrea to sign my TV Series Reboot boxset. For those who don't know, Andrea voiced at I believe the age of 4 on one of the characters in the show. Interesting enough also named Andrea ( with different lettering ) before she grew up with Enzo Matrix.

I also bugged Nicole Oliver to sign the second 20x30 print of "Memories", which she absolutely adored. I thanked her, then quickly told her that I had a smaller second print for her to keep, from which she was excited and accepted.

Over all though, I had such an incredible time. Definitely a lot of fun all around.. Just be sure to watch out for MA Larson... That man will sign anything... Heck, he signed a bathroom window stall while I was in there... I think that man needs some medical attention, HAHA!

When I get it processed though, I'll link to the video of the first budding wars on my Bayonetta Luna picture. It's taking it's sweet time to process though lol.

Video of the Bayonetta/Luna Auction below!


Asked to Draw

Those Waiting:
1. Romance Heart + Honey Drop by Blackdragon215
2. Starry Wish mlp_StarryWish
3. This spot could be yours!

Interested in getting a character you've created drawn by me? Feel free to ask me via note or comments below. I'm interested in vectoring characters of all colors, shapes and sizes! Including non pony characters such as griffins, zebra's, changelings and so forth! Even Alicorn OCs!

All I need really is one or more references of your characters, make sure to include things like aura colors ( encase you want your character preforming magic ) and a reference of your cutie mark so I know what their special talent is!

I'm also interested in doing simple comics as well as pairing them with other characters if you'd like! Some examples linked below:
Double the DJs!
Comic: Can I have a Cookie?

So feel free to request who you want to pair with if interested, I take requests!

Also, feel free to view my Asked to Draw folder where I store peoples OC's that I've drawn if you want to see my style when it comes to drawing OC's HERE!

Please note though, I won't do anything adult level suggested content. Sorry, I'm just not into that sort of thing.

Feel free to note me or comment if you have any questions!

Also, final note:
I don't charge to draw characters, I do it mainly for experience and don't require money to draw your character! I also have down times that makes it take a while to get a persons character drawn, and I don't feel like I want someone to have to wait if they payed for said character to be drawn.


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